Les ombres dansent 80x100cm



Landscapes, forest or sea spaces catch my attention and become the spark of a search. As an architect i can see a light and proportions, as a musician a rythm , an harmony . A principle of beauty- perhaps against the current but totally assumed-thus stems from my ^still talking paintings. the seasons, the weather variationsmake the infinity of the landscape. Passage between the landscape and the canvasis to do without unnecessary chatter because everything is there. Itwill exempt any openly autobiographical or narrative element...
So I delete myself considering the painting as an opportunity to open projection for others.
My technique tries to respect this "in-between" where lies the nature at the edgebetween logic of construction and random development, beetwen control and no control of a material left raw but still talking , oscillating between impressionism and hypperealism, between contemplation and immediacy.
Galerie Ariel Jakob carries Benoit Trimborn'swork for now 10 years.
June-July 2017 Ariel Jakob Paris Gallery
June-July summer 2016: Gallery Ariel Jakob Paris
March 2015: Axelle Fine Arts Gallery New York
December 2014: Absolute Belgium
May 2014: Gallery Ariel Jakob Paris
2014: Korea International Art Fair
October 2010 - October 2012: Art London Gallery Ariel Jakob