Hypnotic 125x125 cm

Christel Delrieu Petraud

Incorporate, on the limited surface of the picture, the unlimited horizons of the immaterial, in order to immerge the audience into a state of spiritual consciousness that is closer to meditative contemplation than to the simple psychological vision, tainted by the sentimental cogitation of the history of painting. »
she makes us penetrate the invisible, the material and the infinity. She allows us to see, through her deconstructions of the infinitely small or infinitely big, things that the human eye cannot usually see. She thus gives us access to unsuspected parallel universes, by making them palpable.
Faces and expressions appears through a vertical visual identity.

Art is a universal language. It speaks to us, moves us and invokes feelings and emotions within us without ever uttering a word. Christel Petraud created her own alphabet to speak back. Her work is incredible on every level.”