Jane Birkin 200x150x6 cm

Ingrid Paulussen

After graduating, Ingrid has focused on portraiture for 25 years. The current three-dimensional portraits were created after a long search with different materials. The freedom of Picasso and the "cut outs" of Henri Matisse gave her the inspiration to work with paper on the painted portrait. The addition of paper to her portraits feels like an enrichment and liberation for her. The three-dimensional character creates a fascinating mixture between painting and sculpture. The works exude beauty.

Characteristic of her portraits is the paper line that runs through the face. This paper line is an ode to Matisse, but also a line that stands for symmetry, beauty and transience.
The use of paper on the painted portrait creates a visible skin, a skin that stands for transience.

According to her own words, Ingrid discovered her own femininity only after she was twenty. Before that, Ingrid was previously a boyish young woman; for the adventurous. The relatively late discovery of her own femininity led to a high level of awareness of the power, mysticism and vulnerability of women. But also her power to seduce. Ingrid investigates femininity in her portraits. Who do you want to be? what do you want to propagate?! This results in three-dimensional portraits of women that balance between figuration and abstraction.