Algerian woman 1900 130x100cm

Marta Fabregas


Transphotography, or how to look at the other side of an artwork. Marta Fàbregas explores “through” old pictures of marginalized and enslaved women (who had nothing, not even a name or an identity, their identity stolen by their exploiters), in order to achieve a new, carried away universe. And with this new approach, she makes the new feminine dignity trans-visible.

Transphotography is about seeing, beyond these old pictures of women, a different reality, a different depiction of women. It’s about “looking farther than sight” in order to give a new dignity and a new dimension to these women, who were enslaved and abused during their lifetime. With this work, Marta Fàbregas wants to restore the dignity that was snatched from them, thus paying tribute to all women in the world, women that, still today, are forced to live in a society that doesn’t respect them or value them on equal ground with men.