PISCINA I 120x180cm Huile sur bois



"The space of emotion"
The subjects of my paintings are mainly turned towards
the man, the people and their familiar environment. They are usually
close to me, whether they are family or children.
At other times, it's more like natural landscapes or
city ??who are my protagonists and my scenes are very often
from everyday life.
Whether it's my daughter sitting on a chair, a family meal
or an exit to the pool, these are simple moments,
stolen daily that brutally impose on me as
an absolute obviousness. I know at that moment that the moment is
unique and that I must transpose it immediately on a canvas.
It's a very instinctive impulse that awakens in me the desire to
to paint.
The values ??that inspire me are both aesthetics, emotion
seized on the fly as well as intense work on the light.
For me, the development of a work is a process
very free, fleeing the theories of a pre-established drawing.
Usually, everything starts with big color patches
from which I build the image. Gradually, the material
accumulates and I begin to approach the scene.
Often I delete the work I put in place. I pose, I take off,
I cover and I repaint by looking each time a more
great expressiveness.
This is a fierce struggle with the language of painting
This way of working makes that in the end, the work accomplished is not
not an exact representation but a free interpretation.
The path of creation is slowly traversed, the sensations
come and go.
Most important to me is that the emotion that I felt
originally, once lying on the canvas, be able to indulge
fully in the eyes of the viewer