Roma black and White Huile sur bois 100x150cm



Tommaso Ottieri, born in Naples (Italy) in 1971
Urban architecture, theaters, churches, interiors and post-industrial buildings shape the iconography of his work. Color, light and movement are the defining elements.
His highly evocative painting is closer to Romantic painting than any other classic current.
He darkens the shadows and transforms the light in the axis of his painting revealing the night atmosphere and the dramatic lighting inspired by Caravaggio.
The characteristic common to many of his works is the use of monochromatic glazes which gives an incredibly successful result and which brings the transparency and brilliance of the crystal through the oil painting.
In front of his works one can have the feeling of being in front of a jewel, a sapphire on Madrid, a ruby ??in the streets of Naples or the canals of Venice and the gold that comes to adorn the nights of Paris which remains more than ever the City of Lights.
The perspectives in Ottieri's compositions are often distorted and sometimes even seem to mix several cities. The vision of the deep scenes, the aerial views, the diagonal structuring and the distribution of the light create a dynamic space that does not lose its harmony and that eventually encompasses the viewer.
It is impossible to separate his pictorial work from his architectural training.
Perhaps he comes here to show us his desire to project an unfinished version of the present as part of the progress and as a tribute to the most beautiful creation of man?