Tyrex Résine et aluminium peint en noir

Philippe Pasqua

Painter / Sculptor


"The artist expresses his sensitivity and questions the public about his relationship to nature, death, and the Renaissance. From these predilections, he plays with the ambiguous relationship that man has with the Universe marin, between fear and fascination, to confront the public with the current challenges of protecting biodiversity ". Writes Robert Calcagno.
An integral part of the museum's DNA since its creation, these environmental issues are reflected in these achievements.
The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco presents the exhibition Borderline, by the artist Philippe Pasqua. His monumental works, for the most part tailor-made, go alongside the mythical collections of the place to create a new dialogue.
The art of Philippe Pasqua is experiencing the limit. He flirts with the edges, knows the limits and frees himself of them. Violent and immodest, her work jostles as much as it fascinates, placing the visitor facing a dilemma:
"Philippe Pasqua questions, questions, disturbs, but never dismisses: the ideal detonator to provoke an awareness in favor of the marine and terrestrial life"
"Said Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Museum.