Robert Combas


Born in 1957 in Lyon, Robert Combas spent his childhood and adolescence in Sète. Since 1980 he lives and works in the Paris region. Robert COMBAS brought at the dawn of the 1980s a new figurative painting. Present on the art scene in 1979, he is the creator of a movement that Ben called "The Free Figuration", bringing together Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond and Hervé Di Rosa.

Her painting is made of liberties: she speaks about society, violence, sexuality, the suffering of people, their little joys, their smallness, their grandeur ... She is inspired by rock whose The artist is an amateur end, popular images, children's books, textbooks of all that makes a popular culture accessible to all.
In 2010, Robert Combas' works entered the Lacan collection. The emblematic painter of Figuration Libre was then engraver for a series of remarkable works. Faithful to his popular culture and his sense of provocation, his iconography is above all free and inspired.

"He manipulates the images of everyday life, while mixing historical and mythological references, cultivating a style inspired by comics and graffiti, he creates a sometimes flippant and humorous painting, sometimes violent and sensual."