Stéphane Halleux


Stéphane Halleux is an artist who cannot be buttonholed into any specific era. Contemplating his work is like gently slipping into a world where the past and the future collide instantaneously recreating the delicious naïve qualities of an age when there were fewer restrictions to our dreams.
Stéphane Halleux was born in Belgium on 6 July 1972 and studied illustration. He is a methodical artist and for the past 20 years he has created a coherent body of work that transports us to a strangely familiar ‘old-fashioned future’.
West meticulously builds layers of color over wire and board, allowing each layer of paint to drip dry, ultimately showing us how paint moves. The layers hold stories of the artist’s process, his life, his world. Once you are hooked,
the excitement mounts as you realize that the work is dripping with unknown surprises waiting to be revealed. Much like life.