Ambassade à Paris Huile sur bois 160x160 cm



It paints, mostly cities, high view, airplane or the tallest buildings. And the city becomes distant, drowns in the horizon, snubs under a low sky, sometimes without any perspective at all. What interests him are buildings, buildings, houses, buildings, monuments that veil streets, boulevards that intersect, intersect each other, sometimes in long straight lines, sometimes in narrow streets with unknown design. This could be sad, washed out, mortally boring. And yet, these cities are optimistic, they breathe the gaiety, the good life, the joy of being together. As they are all these constructions that are pressed together, protecting their intimacy. They only reveal their roofs, small squares of tar, tiles or cement. One feels however the swarming in the streets, the agitation in the buildings, an almost subterranean life, sharp with the serenity of the districts in their totality.
2004 Prix graphique. Fondation catalane
2002 Troisième Prix, Prix pour la peinture Valentine. Barcelone.
1999 Premier Prix de la Jeune peinture. Sala Parés. Barcelone.
1998 Finaliste (deuxième prix) du Prix National de Peinture Juan Ramon Masoliver. Barcelone.
1998 Deuxième Prix , Conocours de Pintura Agrupacio Mutua .
1990 Premier Prix de La Senia peinture sèche. Tarragone.

2009 : Sala Parés, Barcelone.
2007 Uniglavas Galerie. Tokyo. Japon.
2006 Sala Parés. Barcelone.
2005 Galerie Juan Amiano. Pamplona.
2003 Sala Parés. Barcelone.
2002 Galerie Amiano Juan. Pamplona.
2001 Sala Parés. Barcelone.
2000 Mars. Auditorium municipal. Montcada i Reixac. Barcelone.
2008 . Sala Parés. Barcelone.
2008 50 anys de Premi de Pintura Jove. Sala Paré. Barcelone
2008 Urbe". Galerie Jordi Barnadas. Barcelone.
2007 Galerie Nichido. Exposition Showakai 42. Tokyo. Japon.
2006 "New York" . Galerie Ariel Sibony. Paris.
2005 Jordi Barnadas Galerie. Barcelone.