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Galerie Ariel Jakob is a partner of the company Bail art for the financing of works of art.

We have an Offer for professional collectors.

For businesses and the liberal professions, the purchase of works of art has the disadvantage of not being depreciable, conversely, financial leasing has the following advantages:

For tax purposes, rents are deductible from taxable income and thus reduce IS (Companies) or IRPP (Liberal professions)

Leasing spreads the cost of the purchase between 13 and 60 months

• Leasing does not affect borrowing capacity and alleviates the balance sheet (excluding IFRS)

• At the end of the rental contract, the works will be sold for a residual value

Bail Art, one of the pioneers in the leasing of works of art in France, is our partner with our professional clients wishing to optimize their acquisitions.

Beyond the financial and tax advantages, leasing promotes the introduction of works of art into professional spaces. It supports artistic creation and encourages societies to spread the values ​​of creativity and openness conveyed by art. The company, a link between the public and the artists.

Rents are a deductible charge and generate IS savings