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Nimrod Messeg


Dimensions:100x57x30 cm

Medium : metal sculpture

Œuvre unique

Livrée avec certificat d’authenticité

English version :

Born in 1961 in Sabadell near Barcelona. 1974-1978 Drawing and painting course in Ferràn Martí’s studio • Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) / 1979-80 Graphic design studies • Escola Eina • Vallvidrera. Artistic circle Sant Lluc • Barcelona / 1980-85 University of Fine Arts Arts Sant Jordi • Barcelona / 1982 International course in mural painting “Miquel Farré” • Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) / 1986–1995 Works in a graphic design studio • Girona.

She exhibited in 1996 in Spain, then from 2011 in France and Germany.

His current work focuses on swimmers, movement and water effects. Thanks to her perfect mastery of painting (oil on medium sometimes enhanced with silver leaf), she allows herself different angles of attack.

Its swimmers are weightless, light and totally in their element. We want to put our hands in this refreshing water and taste their happiness. The subject is unique but each work is different, endlessly reworked. It gives off a soft, happy, sunny atmosphere.

The urge to dive is not far away …

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